What Kind of Equipment is Needed to Maintain a Golf Course?

Equipment for Golf Course Maintenance

Top golf courses around the world have a reputation to uphold, and the margin of error is extremely small. If course conditions are anything less than perfect, this could harm the good name of the course. This could ultimately create a ripple effect and cause business problems.

Here are some of the most important pieces of golf equipment to use for course maintenance:

Fairway Mowers: With fairways beginning to get as much attention as greens, specialized fairway mowers are becoming more prevalent for creating aesthetically pleasing mowing patterns.

Riding Greens Mowers: Typically, these mowers are triplexes, helping to boost efficiency. Similarly, these mowers are gentle enough so that the greens are not destroyed.

Walk Greens Mower: Walking greens mowers are helpful because they maintain an extremely tight cut to the ground.

Aeration Equipment: The process of aeration helps to open up soil to water, nutrients, and air. This allows the grassroots to be nourished, thickening and nourishing fairways.

Bunker Rakes: These attachments rake and disperse sand in bunkers so that they always look great. By smoothing rough and uneven bunkers, these rakes ensure that play does not have to stop.

Commercial Mowers: Commercial mowers can be useful across any course, so not only can they be used for fairways and the grass surrounding, but also for areas around the clubhouse and more to maintain a clean-cut look.

For more information regarding golf equipment and course maintenance, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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